What does breast lift surgery consist of?

If you are planning to undergo a breast lift surgery, it’s natural to be curious about the procedure. Your breasts would tend to sag as you grow old, losing the firmness and elasticity. Breastfeeding, weight gain, and pregnancy further accentuate this process. In case you don’t like the drooping breasts, it’s logical to go for a breast lift surgery. Besides, women who want to enlarge their breasts also undergo this process. When you consult the surgeons, they would recommend you to go for a mastopexy, or breast lift surgery.

Mastopexy involves the reshaping and raising of the breasts, that provides them with a rounder and firmer look. Besides, the surgeons remove the additional layer of skin around the breasts to minimize the areola size.

The breast lift surgery procedure

Surgeons may carry out a breast lift surgery using different procedures. The amount of lift needed, and the shape and size of the breasts determine the technique that the surgeons would deploy. Normally, the surgery involves the following steps:

  • The surgeon would mark the lifted position of the nipple of your breasts, while you are in the standing position.
  • To relieve you of pain and ensure relaxation, the surgeon will carry out a general anesthesia. During the surgery, you would be asleep.
  • Next, the surgeon will make an opening or incision around the areola. Usually, this incision extends to the crease from the bottom of the areola. At times, the surgeon may cut the sides too.
  • Once done, the surgeon will do the needful to reshape and lift the breasts. Later, the areolas would be shifted to the right position, as per the new shape of the breast. You may also decide to reduce the size of your breast.
  • To ensure a finer appearance, the expert may eliminate extra skin from the breasts.
  • Lastly, the expert would use skin adhesives, sutures, stitches, or surgical tape to close the incisions.

 In general, surgeons choose places around the breast where the scar would be less visible. When you undergo a breast lift surgery, you may also decide to get breast implants. This would enhance the fullness or size of your breasts.

However, certain surgeons prefer to carry out one surgery at a time considering safety factors. In these cases, they carry out the breast lift at the outset. After a few months, the surgeon would recommend you go for a breast augmentation. This can ward off chances of necrosis or loss of the nipple.

Preparing for the breast lift surgery

Here are certain processes that you need to carry out before your breast lift surgery:

  • Stop smoking: When you smoke, the flow of blood to your skin decrease, slowing down the process of healing. Surgeons recommend patients to stop smoking before they undergo the surgery.
  • Go for a mammogram: A baseline mammogram is generally necessary before the surgery. Once the breast lift surgery, is over, you might need another after a few months. This enables the medical team to examine the changes that take place in the breast tissue.
  • Avoid mediations: In case you take anti-inflammatory drugs, aspirin, or herbal supplements, you need to avoid them before the surgery. Otherwise, you may experience excessive bleeding.
  • Maintain a healthy weight: You might consider participating in a weight-loss program or yoga to lose excess weight, if applicable, before undergoing the surgery.

Well, now you know how to prepare for your anti-inflammatory drugs breast lift surgery. Consult one of the established medical teams or surgeons for a professional guidance. After all, mastopexy happens to be one of the most common cosmetic surgeries. With experienced surgeons working on the surgery, you can rest assured about the final looks of your breasts.

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