What is a Hospital Privacy Screen?

Patients have a right to privacy and dignity, whether in a clinic, emergency room, hospital, or other medical facilities. A hospital screen can fulfill the need for patient privacy while keeping the facility organized. Read on to learn more about hospital privacy screens and their benefits.

Also referred to as privacy panels, privacy screens aid facilities in managing patients and organizing larger spaces. A privacy screen is a frame with panels made from fabric, plastic, or other non-porous materials.  Many privacy screens can be wiped down with a disinfectant to meet important health protocols.  Privacy panels can be stationary and installed onto a wall. Some privacy screens are mobile and can be moved using casters. Most privacy screens can be folded and collapsed for easy storage when not in use. In addition to hospitals and medical facilities, privacy screens may be used in educational settings, military, or disaster relief situations.

Privacy screens are important because they create privacy for patients. By separating patients using privacy panels, patients can feel at ease, especially during sensitive procedures or when changing in or out of their clothing. Hospital privacy screens help to block sights and sounds while preventing others from overhearing a patient’s diagnosis, sensitive information, or prescriptions. Doctors and nurses can deliver difficult news to patients in private and allow them to process their emotions.

In addition to creating privacy for patients, there are multiple benefits to using hospital privacy screens for medical staff.  Hospital screens are easy to clean and can be sanitized using a disinfectant. This process is less complicated than fabric curtains which must be removed, laundered, and reinstalled between patients. The privacy panel also helps to block communicable diseases by blocking airborne droplets from traveling from one patient to the next. Lastly, medical screens are designed for easy installation and storage. Staff can roll the screen into place and collapse it when not in use.

Hospital privacy screens are an important tool used to create privacy, control the spread of infections while also helping to organize a facility. Not only do privacy panels benefit staff, but they also enhance the patient experience and help them feel at ease. Add hospital privacy screens to your business today to facilitate a better customer and team experience.

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