What Sets a Good Orthopedic Surgeon Apart from the Rest?

Most industrial injuries and accidents involve a musculoskeletal system. This may include ligament injuries, bone fractures, and spinal soft tissue injuries.

You can handle these injuries and problems linked to the musculoskeletal system through orthopedics. Usually, these orthopedic procedures are handled by qualified surgeons.

But not every orthopedic surgeon is created the same. This is why it is imperative to look at qualities that set them apart from the rest. Some of these qualities are:

1. Good Bedside Manners

Expertise is important, but so is a personable and caring attitude toward patients. As a patient, you would want a surgeon who can treat you with respect and concern. And there is nothing worse than surgeons who are dry, cut, and aloof.

The key point here is to be with a surgeon who provides healing and relief to every patient in pain. The best surgeon knows how to strike a perfect balance between compassion and professionalism, putting patients at ease so they may recover faster.

2. Experience

Like most other physicians and doctors, orthopedic surgeons are likely to have an area or specialty in which they usually spend most of their time.

If you are searching for an expert because there is a specific kind of injury you’re suffering from, then specialty and experience really matter.

Some orthopedic surgeons specialize in the ankle and foot, whereas others concentrate on knee replacement or repairs. So ensure you look at the surgeon’s experience before choosing any surgeon.

3. Empathy

A visit to a healthcare provider’s office is stressful and might, at times, be upsetting. This is especially true if you are suffering from orthopedic injuries.

But your distress in your orthopedic surgeon’s office may be eased if the expert expresses empathy to you.

Empathy usually involves understanding other people’s emotions, paired with the capability to imagine what other human beings can be feeling or thinking.

Being empathetic is one of the most effective ways for an orthopedic surgeon to acknowledge what you go through and guide you in navigating emotional situations, like your decision to go through knee surgery.

4. Courage

There is no doubt being an orthopedic surgeon is a very stressful job. Surgeons are expected to make a tough call, especially in high-pressure circumstances.

Any great orthopedic surgeon will have the courage to make tough decisions and even stand by them. Plus, orthopedic surgeons mustn’t be afraid to handle difficult or complex surgeries even when patients are on the verge of death.

5. Tranquility

Working in a theater is remarkably distressing and has a lot of erratic situations happening. In this case, a great trait of a good orthopedic surgeon is the need to stay quiet when in distress situations. Patients will also feel great when dealing with surgeons who are quiet.

The Bottom Line!

Although it is not simple to get an orthopedic surgeon who has all these qualities, you may always ask some of your family members and friends for recommendations. Ensure you take more time to make a decision on an orthopedic surgeon who will do a life-changing surgery on you.

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