What To Do When You Have Contracted Chlamydia

Chlamydia is a common sexually transmitted disease which affects millions of people worldwide. It can be treated effectively, but if left, it can lead to further complications, which can include reactive arthritis and also infertility. If you or someone you know has recently been diagnosed with Chlamydia, and you are unsure what it is or how it is treated, below is more information for you to understand the condition and how to treat it.

How Do You Get Chlamydia?

There are various ways to catch Chlamydia, a sexually transmitted disease, and one of the participants can easily pass it to the other. However, you do not need to have penetrative sex to contract the disease, and you can get it in various ways, including:

  • Unprotected anal or vaginal sex
  • Oral sex
  • Using unclean sex toys
  • Coming into contact with an infected persons genitals
  • Through contact with genital fluids

However, you cannot get this STD when you kiss someone, use the toilet after someone, or from places such as showers or swimming pools.

Common Symptoms For People With Chlamydia

Chlamydia can be in your system for a while before the symptoms manifest themselves, and there are various symptoms you need to look out for that will indicate you have contracted it. These symptoms can include:

  • You experience pain when you are having sex
  • Bleeding between periods or after sex
  • A painful anus and/or discharge
  • You have pain while passing urine
  • Discharge from your penis
  • A milky white vaginal discharge
  • Swollen and painful testicles
  • A sore throat

When you experience any of the above symptoms, it may indicate that you have Chlamydia, and you will want to visit your doctor to seek a suitable Chlamydia treatment. There are a few ways you can treat Chlamydia, and your doctor will usually choose the best treatment for you.

How To Treat Chlamydia?

There are two primary ways that you can treat Chlamydia, and although they are similar there are differences between them. The two ways to treat this condition are as follows and can clear up the condition quickly.

Doxycycline: Doxycycline is proven to be the most effective treatment for Chlamydia, and it comes in the form of tablets. You need to take the prescribed dosage twice a day for seven days, and after this time, the condition should have cleared.

Azithromycin: Some people cannot take Doxycycline, and an alternative to this is taking Azithromycin to clear up your dose of Chlamydia. The course of the treatment is shorter and lasts for three days. On the first day, you will take two 500mg tablets, and on the second and third days, you will take one 500mg tablet.

Side Effects Of The Treatments

There are some side effects when taking the medication to treat your Chlamydia, and you will need to be aware of these. Some people experience stomach pains from the drugs, which can also cause diarrhoea. Some women can develop Thrush, and some people also feel sick. With a bit of luck, your dose of Chlamydia will clear quickly, and it will not cause you any discomfort.

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