What You Don’t Want To Do When You Visit A Cannabis Dispensary

To enjoy your visit to a cannabis dispensary, don’t get caught up in the mistakes that many people make, especially if it’s your first time buying cannabis. If you’re not careful, visiting a marijuana dispensary can end up costing you.

So here are a few mistakes to want to avoid:

  1. Asking For Cheaper Options

In cannabis stores, items are tagged with prices. If you try to negotiate the price of any product, it will just be a waste of time because they won’t budge on their prices. You should not treat this store as if it’s filled with drug dealers either. Some sellers might get offended or mad at you for asking for too low prices, but other vendors may have lower priced options available upon request.

The only problem is that your decision might cost you because you might end up getting poor-quality cannabis. Therefore, it would be best to stick to only high-quality products.

  1. Forgetting Your Cannabis Card

You might make a mistake or two when you visit a cannabis dispensary. But forgetting your cannabis card is probably one of the worst mistakes that you can make while visiting one. Cannabis dispensaries are shut down if they sell to anyone without their medical card. Most of these places will not also sell you weed if you lack this important card, and so not having it will get you nowhere.

If you’re a long time patient, there may be exceptions. But you can’t count on this because the card is the main reason they’re allowed to sell cannabis in the first place. Also, in order to be eligible for medical marijuana benefits, make sure you have your card and visit a doctor at least 30 days before it expires.

  1. Visiting Only One Dispensary

There’s tons of different dispensaries near me out there nowadays and figuring out where you want to buy your next batch can be an overwhelming task. Visiting a few dispensaries before settling on one can be helpful. While at it, compare prices for different products and find out if they offer really good deals.

You need to do your research about what kind of weed you’re looking for, because some places have better quality than others. Also, keep in mind that reviews might not always line up with truth, so take them with a grain of salt before making any decisions.

  1. Buying From A Non-Reputable Dispensary

Buying weed from a non-reputable dispensary is one of the worst mistakes you can ever make if you want to get a legit deal. Most weed stores claim they have products that they don’t deliver.

The demand for cannabis has risen and now there are many scammers trying their luck at it too. Before looking through a dispensary’s stash of goods, always check its rating first or you’ll be disappointed with what arrives on your doorstep.


There are several mistakes you’d want to avoid when visiting a medical marijuana dispensary if you want to get high-quality cannabis and the best service. Avoiding cheaper options, forgetting your business card, visiting only one dispensary, and buying from a non-reputable dispensary are just but a few mistakes you want to avoid.

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