Why are Bananas Good for Diabetes

Many of you know that being healthy is a crucial part of sustainability, and almost everyone is aware of the famous quote, “healthy body, healthy life.” Whatever we eat becomes a part of our body and affects our health positively or negatively. In most developed countries with leading fast-food chains, people are getting obese, and it is often followed by other diseases like diabetes and coronary heart disease. However, let’s not forget that today’s people have much more awareness of healthier food options and a healthy lifestyle than before.

Health experts opt for fruits and vegetables to boost immunity and health. People with diabetes are strict about the diet plan and mostly end up cutting all the sweet things from their diet schedule. One fruit particularly is subjected to the “it has sugar” treatment despite being good for diabetic patients. This fiber-rich fruit helps control sugar levels in the body. What is it? It is bananas! Before heading towards “Why are bananas good for diabetes?” you must know more about diabetes first.

What Is Diabetes?

Diabetes mellitus or, as most people say, diabetes, is a long-term chronic condition in which blood sugar levels rise. One of the organs that lie behind the stomach is the pancreas. The pancreas produces insulin that helps to maintain sugar levels in the blood. In a diabetic person, the body fails to make enough insulin or cannot use it efficiently.

Types of Diabetes

There are commonly two known types of diabetes

Type 1 

Diabetes type-1 occurs when the body’s immune system harms and attacks its cells that make insulin in the pancreas. The causative factor of this type of diabetes is still unknown

Type 2

This occurs when the body resists against the insulin hence increasing the blood sugar levels. Type-two diabetes is mainly linked to obesity. People with ages above forty-five are more prone to this type of diabetes. 


The symptoms that generally appear in diabetes are:

  • Increased hunger
  • Increased thirst
  • Sore that does not heal

Fruits and Diabetes

Fruits are associated with fibers minerals and vitamins; they lower the risk of heart diseases and unnecessary weight gain. You might think that sugar in the fruits is harmful, but the actual factor connected directly to diabetes is the carb amount. Fruits contain much fewer carbs than other things, such as muffins that are not good for health.

Bananas are quite helpful in maintaining the blood sugar levels, although they contain carbs. What makes them diabetes-friendly is that they are fiber-rich. The fiber content in bananas helps slow the digestive process, eventually decreasing the absorption of carbs in the body. However, maintaining a correct portion size for daily intake helps maintain the proper blood sugar level in the long run.

Why Are Bananas Good for Diabetes?

If you are wondering why are bananas good for diabetes, look no further! All your concerns have been answered below:

The Role of Glycemic index

A glycemic index is a calculation method used to check the rise in blood sugar levels after consuming food items that contain carbohydrates. A 55 and lower glycemic index indicates that the food will not spark blood sugar levels. Bananas contain a low glycemic index and are safe to eat if you have diabetes. Ripe and unripe bananas make an excellent component for the diabetic diet. However, over-ripe bananas should be avoided as the glycemic index is higher.

Resistant Starches 

Resistant starches are long chains of glucose that function like fiber. They are resistant to the digestion that occurs in the upper part of the stomach, and thus they won’t let the blood sugars rise. The resistant starches in the bananas help reduce insulin sensitivity, reducing inflammation in people with type-2 diabetes.

Second Meal Effect

Resistant starches in bananas have a second meal effect. It means that if one eats a banana in breakfast, it helps prevent the spike in sugar levels in the body at lunchtime. Green bananas are considered more beneficial for a diabetic patient because it contains low sugar levels and a high amount of fibers. 


Due to high fiber content, bananas make us feel fuller early. When you eat less and feel like your stomach is full, you’ll get lesser sugar intake.

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 is essential for various body functions. Its deficiency can result in a number of problems. Luckily, bananas are vitamin B6 rich. It helps to prevent diabetic neuropathy and other conditions that are caused due to high blood sugar levels.


All in all, bananas in the right amount and portion sizes are excellent for diabetes. Why are bananas good for diabetes? Because they are nutrient-rich, keep you full, and in all honesty, taste amazing! If you have diabetes and are skeptical about including them in your diet, don’t worry and enjoy your banana-licious treat!

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