Why Athletes Should Use Percussive Massage Guns

Are you an athlete that battles with ongoing soreness and the inability to properly recover after a gruesome training session? Then say hello to the percussive massage guns.

Massage guns were first invented around a decade go and have quickly become a go-to recovery tool for many elite athletes around the world! This is because the massage guns are able to give the body the same recovery effects as a deep tissue massage from a trained sports therapist would do. Except you don’t have to rely on another person. You are instead able to start the recovery process much sooner and make it fit into your training schedule.

But you don’t have to only be an elite level athlete to use a massage gun. In fact, anyone can get benefits from using this highly efficient tool!

So what are the benefits of a percussive massage gun, and why should you consider investing in one? Here are all the reasons why we know you will love this nifty recovery tool!

  1. It speeds up the recovery for athletes

One of the most important factors in an athlete’s training regime is the recovery process. Percussive massage guns are able to help your muscles recover faster than ever thought possible before. The massage gun allows your muscles to be lengthened, strengthened, and recovered efficiently. It is something that can begin nearly as soon as the workout concludes, taking the stress out of trying to find time in the day to properly recover! It helps get all those build-up toxins and lactic acid flushed from the body so you will wake up the next day feeling refreshed and ready to compete at peak performance. The massage gun is also able to elevate your blood and oxygen circulation, which is essential for your muscle tissues to repair themselves. These massage guns help athletes elevate their sports performances, no matter what level they are at!

  1. It provides a way of pain relief

This massage gun has proven to be able to help people who suffer from muscle spasms or constant pain. For many, they might feel helpless and that there are no solutions. But the massage gun is able to create a vibration that targets the muscles and improves the blood flow circulation—which is necessary for your body to be able to heal itself. This means that if you have a muscle injury, a massage gun is able to create a speedier recovery than ever before and you won’t feel as much pain as you would have otherwise!

  1. It is an aid for rehabilitation

Massages are basically essential for when you are putting your body through rehab. But you aren’t able to always get access to a massage when you need it most—until, that is, the massage gun came into your life! They are able to assist people from recovering from various injuries and allow many injured people who would get muscle stiffness to keep the flexibility they need to stay agile.

  1. It gets rid of lactic acid

Lactic acid is basically the reason that we feel sore. This happens because the lactic acid takes over the oxygen in our body and uses the lactic acid over oxygen to form energy. The process is extremely common in elite athletes who push themselves to the max and often become oxygen-deprived from the competition. The result is a crazy burning sensation where you feel like your muscles are on fire! A common side effect of this is feeling severe cramps or like you are going to through up! When lactic acid takes over and isn’t flushed out fast enough, that is when your muscles really struggle to recover. The massage gun aids in getting this lactic acid flushed out so that your body doesn’t feel like it got hit by a truck the following day!

  1. It improves your nervous system

Your muscles wouldn’t work without your nervous system doing the job it needs to do. When your muscles are used for the various activities, no matter what level of exercise that may be, the nervous system is tapped into to ensure that your muscles operate properly! The massage guns are able to ensure that your nervous system gets the notification that they need to be activated. This speeds up the process of making your muscles warmed up and ready to go, without having to worry about sustaining any injuries.

massage guns are a very important recovery tool for anyone. When it comes to elite athletics, these massage guns allow athletes to speed up the recovery process by ensuring their muscles stay warm, have oxygen flowing to them, avoid getting lactic acid build-up, and are massaged out thoroughly. But the average person will also benefit in many ways too, as it will allow their muscles to become more flexible and easily activated to be as active as you need them to be!


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