Why FUT Hair Transplant Prevalent in the Hair Transplant World

The procedure of hair transplant is the surgical restoration of hair that involves the transferring process of hair roots between donor area and the recipient balding part of the scalp. The procedure is itself a natural way to regrow hair as the hair roots which is also known as graft extracted from the patient’s own scalp that further transplanted into the recipient balding part of the scalp followed by the hair root dissection. The dissection of hair roots confirms us about obtaining the viable grafts in a maximum number that successfully cover the balding part of the scalp. The hair transplant procedure performed by the FUT technique is most prevalent in the cosmetic hub of the country, however choosing the option of hair transplant in Jaipur is very popular attract clients across the globe. The procedure of hair restoration performed by FUT technique uses the strip method in which strip of the skin is excised from a safe donor part of the scalp, i.e., the back and sides of the scalp that are resistant to the effect of DHT (Di-Hydro Testosterone). Therefore, it is primarily recommended to opt for the strip method of the hair transplant in order to get the best positive outcomes in terms of receiving the number of hair roots that remain permanent on the scalp.

The Follicular Unit Transplant:

The FUT or the follicular unit transplant is the process of excising the strip containing hair roots from the safe donor part in a linear form that is later sent to the dissection job where every single graft is dissected meticulously in order to separate it viable in order to make successful implantation. The FUT method is considered as one of the safest methods in the restoration world as it never allowed the graft transection at any condition. The dissection process performed under higher magnification of microscopes makes the feasibility of obtaining the viable grafts without the chances of transection as higher magnification helps in seeing the graft in a bigger size.

As far as the cost is concerned, the hair transplant cost in Jaipur is concerned; it comes under an affordable option that suits every economic group of the masses.

Why FUT Hair Transplant to treat the Pattern Hair Loss?

  1. It Gives Maximum Number of Grafts: The FUT hair transplant facilitates the option of getting the maximum number of grafts in a single sitting as the strip is excised for the extraction job that contains bunches of grafts and makes the possibility of achieving the greatest number of grafts in a single sitting.
  2. The Permanent Results are Possible: Since the strip is only excised from the safe donor zone, scientifically known as the occipital and parietal part of the scalp contains DHT-resistant hair roots, which means it never shows the effect of miniaturization or hair loss. The DHT-resistant characteristics of safe donor zone retain the character same despite being transplanted to another location on the scalp.
  3. The Maximum Coverage & Density is quite possible: It is an easier job in the hair transplantation to cover the maximum areas with a high-density hair transplant’s result if the applied technique is the strip method. However, it is prime important in the procedure that the patient must possess a good and healthy donor area to fulfil the restoration goal of the surgery.


On the whole, we can say that the procedure of hair transplant is one of the best and permanent methods to restore natural hair if the applied technique is the FUT or the strip method that meets the desired restoration goal of the surgery.

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