Munjal Shah’s Hippocratic AI to Unveil Revolutionary Health Care AI at Upcoming Event

SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 1, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — The Commonwealth Club of California is set to host a groundbreaking event on February 12th, featuring Munjal Shah, the visionary Co-founder and CEO of Hippocratic AIAtat the vanguard of applying generative artificial intelligence to transform the health care industry company, will conduct the first live demonstration of its innovative nondiagnostic large language model, aimed at tackling the critical staffing shortage in the sector.

Founded in 2022 by Munjal Shah and a team of exceptional individuals from various fields, Hippocratic AI’s mission is to harness the potential of generative AI to address the growing disparity between the demand for healthcare professionals and the available supply. Shah’s vision of “super-staffing” seeks to leverage AI to deliver high-quality, infinitely scalable care, ultimately enhancing healthcare equity, access, and outcomes.

The event will offer a unique opportunity for attendees to witness a live demonstration led by Munjal Shah, showcasing the capabilities of the company’s LLM. Shah will interact with a “digital nurse assistant” in a simulated healthcare scenario, providing a firsthand glimpse into how AI can revolutionize patient care and interactions. This exclusive demonstration will be followed by an insightful discussion between Shah and Dr. Stephen Klasko, moderated by Dr. Robert Lee Kilpatrick.

Hippocratic AI invites all interested individuals, from healthcare professionals and technology enthusiasts to the general public, to attend this transformative event. Whether in person or online, pre-registration is essential to secure your spot and receive the livestream link. Take advantage of this opportunity to be part of a healthcare revolution.

Munjal Shah’s ultimate goal for Hippocratic AI is to develop the safest artificial Health General Intelligence (HGI). The company, backed by $67 million in funding from General Catalyst and Andreessen Horowitz, boasts a diverse team of physicians, hospital administrators, Medicare professionals, and AI researchers from prestigious institutions such as El Camino Health, Johns Hopkins, Washington University in St. Louis, Stanford, Google, and Nvidia. This comprehensive approach brings deep healthcare expertise to every person, underpinning the company’s mission to improve healthcare accessibility and outcomes on a global scale.

The Commonwealth Club of California, renowned as the nation’s oldest and largest public affairs forum, hosts over 450 events covering a broad spectrum of topics, including politics, culture, society, and the economy. With a presence in San Francisco, Silicon Valley, the East Bay, and Marin County, the club serves as a vital public discourse and engagement platform.

To learn more about Hippocratic AI’s achievements in over 100 Medical and Compliance Certifications, visit For those interested in attending this groundbreaking event and witnessing Munjal Shah and the Hippocratic AI team’s revolutionary demonstration, please visit

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